Learn More About Push Button Influence

What is Push Button Influence?

Push Button Influence is an all-new training program created by Alex Mandossian and Steve Olsher. The training program promises to help individuals secure more visibility in the media, expand their marketing reach and also get more exposure. It is recommended for professionals, consultants, coaches, speakers, authors and business owners. According to the creators Mandossian and Olsher, the primary prerequisite to winning is not the best market or the best message, but rather the best media exposure. After all, we live in the digital era wherein the new media is of utmost importance. Through this training program, one would be able to learn how to leverage this new media and use it to one’s advantage.

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Push Button Influence is a ninety day extensive online and offline training program wherein one can learn all about leveraging the new media from the experts Alex Mandossian and Steve Olsher themselves. Through this program, one would be able to improve the trajectory of one’s business.


Why Go For Push Button Influence?

The training program promises to significantly improve the chances of success for individuals who undergo it thanks to its tried-and-tested blueprint which has easy-to-follow steps. Thus, one certainly cannot go wrong with these! Moreover, participants would receive direct group mentoring from the creators themselves. There is also the unique opportunity of connecting on a one-on-one level with renowned new media influencers such as Lewis Howes, Pat Flynn and John Lee Dumas to name a few. This is a rare and very valuable opportunity because it can provide one with massive exposure.

With a combined experience of 43 years, Alex and Steve promises to turn individuals who sign up for the program into winners. The best reason to opt for this program is that one does not have to really put in hard work and test the waters because the creators have always worked out the kinks! Therefore, one simply needs to follow what is being taught in the program and work closely with the two expert mentors in order to achieve unbelievable results. The training program is the perfect way of increasing your influence and growing your business.

When does Push Button Influence Take Place?

Push Button Influence is all set to take place on March 20th wherein there will be a contest for pre-launch leads. The contest would continue till March 29th and the prizes would begin at 250 leads. It would then be followed by a second contest, one pertaining to pre-launch webinar registrations, this would carry on till April 4th and there would be prizes beginning at 100 registrations. There will also be other contests that participants can enroll for in order to win goodies.

Click Here To Get The Latest Version Of Push Button Influence

It is, however, recommended to act fast and secure one’s spot because the launch group will have only forty participants. Thus, the early birth definitely gets the worm here. In fact, those who managed to make it to the group of 40 hand-selected participants will also get a 100% complimentary admission to Push Button Influence LIVE!, the final course which will be taking place in June this year in San Diego. The cost for attending this intensive course is USD 2000 for the general public.

About Alex Mandossian

Alex Mandossian is well-known marketing expert who has a knack for making money for his clients, partners and students. Since 1993, he has generated close to USD 400 million in terms of profits and sales for his strategic alliance partners, clients and students spread across five continents. Due to his expertise in marketing, he is fondly referred to as the ‘Warren Buffet of the Internet’ by his co-workers. Due to his level of expertise and knowledge, he functions as a ‘marketing therapist’ for most of the top level businesses and high net worth individuals.

Mandossian’s training and principles are quite effectual because they generate a great return on investment. Also, he is capable of helping people create their point of inflection in business so as to form legacies. He strongly believes in being fully committed when it comes to business, i.e. one should be mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically focused on the goal. He goes by the motto ‘ Sloppy success is better than perfect mediocrity’ and encourages people to push their limits, take chances and achieve what they never thought they could.

Mandossian is an expert at guiding students to elevate their mindsets, skill-sets and heart-sets in order to achieve big success. In the past, he had appeared in several magazines and television channels such as Fox Television, NBC, ABC and so on.

About Steve Olsher

Steve Olsher, the co-creator of Push Button Influence, is a reinvention expert. He is an expert on creating a proven system which would help individuals reach their ultimate achievement in business and life. One of the most impressive facts about him is that he is one of the best examples of ‘from rags to riches’ stories. He started off as a regular kid from Evanston who was waiting tables, pumping gas and doing other small jobs to being the owner of several multimillion dollar companies!

Olsher is also the author of several best-selling and award-winning books such as ‘Internet Prophets’, ‘Journey to You’, ‘What is your what?’ and so on. His books has helped countless people around the globe become modern thought leaders through his proprietary and fresh methods. Olsher has quite a unique take on life and business. One of the reasons why his books are so popular is because he draws from his own life experiences and shares them through the books. He has a lot of different life experiences because he worked as a DJ, founded a real estate development company, founded and operated Reinvention Radio, Liquor.com based in San Francisco and so on.

Being a widely successful entrepreneur, Olsher has also appeared in numerous television channels such as CNBC.com, Fox TV, ABC TV and so on. He also went on over three hundred radio shows, including national ones hosted by Mancow Muller, Jim Bohannon, Lou Dobbs, etc.